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Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs minister went nuts


Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Mrs. Delcy Rodríguez, went nuts.

Probably to divert attention from her country’s economic and political disasters she decided to escalate a rhetoric war against Brazil, targeting the country’s minister of Foreign Relations, Mr. Jose Serra, whom she accused of corruption.

Mrs. Rodríguez both hates Mr. Michel Temer’s government – that together with Argentina finished with the bolivarianist supremacy in South America – seems to be seeking vendetta against Mr.Serra who repeatedly says the truth, declaring that Venezuela does not respect human rights and lives under an authoritarian regime. “A country that has political prisioners can’t be a democratic country, he recently said.

Let’s see how Brazil’s diplomacy will react to such a provocation. One important aspect is  not confounding Venezuela’s people with the bunch of incompetent and populist opportunists that rules the country.

Brazil must continue to offer good assistance to the estimated 30,000 Venezuelan migrants  who have come to Pacaraima searching for food, jobs and medical care, in spite they had overwhelmed local hospitals, police and social services.