Home Politics New mayor of São Paulo with high approval rate

New mayor of São Paulo with high approval rate


New mayor of São Paulo has high approval rate

An important percentage of the residents of the city of São Paulo approves the  the management of  its new mayor João Doria, a member of the  Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB), according to a poll conducted by Datafolha institute and published on Sunday (12) by the newspaper Folha de São Paulo.  44% of the respondents answered that the government of Mr. Doria is good or very good. 33% of respondents rated Doria management as Nregular and another 13% as bad or very bad. The survey has a margin of error of three percentage points, more or less, and 10% of respondents chose not to comment.
The positive evaluation of the Toucan mayor, however, shows important variation by social classes. Among the” paulistanos” with monthly family income of up to two minimum wages, approval is 35%, reaching 66% among those with family income above ten minimum wages.