Home Administration Senate Committee revises `Reform card` in two debates next week

Senate Committee revises `Reform card` in two debates next week


The Joint Committee responsible for reviewing Provisional Measure 751/2016 has two public hearings scheduled for next week. Parliamentarians and guests will examine the government’s proposal to create the reform card, in order to subsidize the purchase of building materials for renovation, extension or completion of buildings for low-income families.

The first hearing will be on Tuesday (14) at 2.30 pm, with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Cities, the Goiana Housing Agency of the Brazilian Chamber of Construction and the National Confederation of Municipalities.

On Wednesday (15), also at 14:30, will attend the meeting invited the President of the Civil Chamber of the Republic, Caixa Economica Federal, the National Association of Construction Material Merchants, the National Mayors Front and Forum National Urban Reform.

Senator Ana Amélia (PP-RS) is the rapporteur of the MP in the Joint Committee. The meetings will be broadcast live and will allow for popular participation through the e-citizenship Portal.

The benefit is intended for families with incomes of up to R $ 1.8000. According to the Ministry of Cities, which will manage the program, the reform of the cards will have $ 500 million to distribute 100 thousand families, which gives an average of R $ 5,000 for each.

The program will work in the form of economic subsidy, ie it is not a loan – people will not have to pay fees and interest in the use of money. The grant will be paid only once per family and property. It may not be combinable with other subsidies granted under the Union housing programs.