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The ways of Mercosur in 2017


In La Nación (Buenos Aires) Sofia Terri writes that Brazil and Argentina are determined to give Mercosur a “historic boost”. The new global scenario shook the board for the block that has as main partners to Argentina and Brazil and that last year saw its levels of exchange fall. Many uncertainties ahead: Donald Trump, the Brexit and a cautious European Union.
“In 2017, Mercosur will have to make an effort for a greater international insertion, and at the moment it seems that multilateral organizations are not going to help. Negotiations in the WTO are stopped and I do not think that in the immediate future they can advance fast, less With Trump’s attitude, “says Jorge Lucángeli, director of the Master’s Degree in International Economic Relations at the University of Buenos Aires.
As for an agreement between Mercosur and the European Union, “I do not see it as possible, not by Mercosur, but by the European Union,” says Mercedes Botto, a political scientist and a researcher in comparative integration processes.

Full article in La Nación (in Spanish)