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Amapa, oil and soybean bad?


In Brazil’s least developed state, Amapá, locals fear that government plans to increase soybean and oil production will destroy the area – and their livelihoods, says John Vidal in The Guardian (London). Mr. Vidal tells us that in the next 18 months, BP, Total and Brazilian oil companies are expected to start drilling off the Amapá coast. They have identified a potentially vast new oilfield, holding 15-20bn barrels. He heard leftist senador Randolfe Rodrigues (Network Sustainability party) who said that is ” poverty, not soybean or oil,  the greatest threat to Amapá”, who concluded: “We can expand agriculture without any deforestation. We do not need to clear an inch to stimulate local agriculture. The financing of family agriculture and rural settlements in Amapá has been insufficient and inefficient. We do need a new model of development”.


Full article (John Vidal, The Guardian)