Jorge Lemann and Buffet made a $143 billion bid for Unilever


    Jorge Paulo Lemann, the richest man in Brazil, and Warren E. Buffet, the wealthiest man in the world , were behind  some of the biggest recent mergers of in American food and drink industry: they bought H.J. Heinz in 2013 and had its merger  with Kraft in 2015; they merged Burger King with Tim Hortons chain (coffee and doughnuts); they created the beer giant Anheuser-Busch Inbev, the beer giant. Now Lemann and Buffet decided to go together to a yet greater deal: they (through Heinz) just offered $ 143 billion for Unilever, what would created one of the world’s largest food companies. Unilever said “no”, but nobody perceived it as a final “no”  but as opening movement. In a statement realeased Friday (17), Kfraft declared: “We look forward to working to reach agreement on the terms of a transaction.”

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