Home Administration “Brazil is growing and the recession is over,” says Henrique Meirelles

“Brazil is growing and the recession is over,” says Henrique Meirelles


Next to President Michel Temer, Economy Minister Henrique Meirelles said today (21) that the recession has ended in Brazil and the country is growing, with strong signs of recovery. The two participated in the meeting of the Special Commission on Pension Reform in the Presidential Palace.

At the meeting, Temer said yesterday the approval (20) by the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro, the project that allows the privatization of the State Water and Wastewater Company (CEDAE). According to the president, with the approval, the bill must be presented today to Congress, in search of state counterparts to receive federal funds.

“Yesterday the Rio de Janeiro Assembly allows, through the approval of a project, the privatization of Cedae, which is an important organ, which excites us here in the federal zone, trying to pass a law that will arrive today for Congress “We can only help the Union if we have this combination: the one that authorizes the federal law called counterparts, and state law, so that their counterparts, under penalty of one focuses on the Law of Fiscal Responsibility, Which would be politically and economically disastrous for the federal government, “Temer said during a meeting of the Special Committee on Pension Reform at the Presidential Palace.

According to Temer, the fact that the Rio Legislative Assembly has already approved the issue serves as an example for the federal zone can also apply for approval of this matter in Congress.

“The recession ended”

At the opening of the meeting, Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles said that Brazil gives “solid signals of recovery”, with the rise and appreciation of the stock exchange, the values ​​of profit that had the Bank of Brazil, Petrobras, Vale , And with the fall of risk Brazil and the dollar.

“All this is the message of confidence in the adjustment and the reforms that we are doing.” It is a profound support for fundamental changes, and all reforms establish that the resources available to Brazilian society. Type of action taken, “he said.

According to the minister, Brazil is growing. “Brazil is now growing and this recession is over.It is a solid recovery, driven by fundamental measures.The PEC [ceiling for the amendment of the Constitution] was driving this growth, and Social Welfare, in addition to being fundamental, Is at the heart of this process.The message [to last] is that it is more important to be sure that they will receive retirement than the expectation that they will retire a little earlier or later, creating uncertainty in the future ” , Said Meirelles.

On the tax reform, the minister said he plans to reduce by a quarter of the working time intends to pay taxes. “Apart from [the tax system] is complicated, it has the problem of tax payment times. The average time is 2600 hours per year [work] by companies just to receive payment. Are taking, can reduce this time to less than 600 hours. “