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38th phase of Operation Wash Car in Rio de Janeiro


Federal police are on the streets since the early hours of Thursday (23) to comply with the mandates of stage 38 of “Lava Jato”. They issued 15 search warrants and arrest two in Rio de Janeiro. The operation was named blackout.

According to research, the main objective of the action is the performance of financial operators identified as facilitating the movement of unduly paid funds to members of Petrobras’ boards.

The two financial operators are Jorge and Luz Bruno Luz who have been arrested. They are investigated for the crimes of corruption, fraud in public tenders, tax evasion, money laundering, among others.

One of the testimony of the plea bargaining, former director of the international Petrobras area, Nestor Cerveró said that Judge Sergio Moro Senate President Renan Calheiros, PMDB, received bribes of money diverted from Petrobras by Jorge Luz.

“Jorge Luz was an operator of the many who work at Petrobras. I met Jorge Luz, including those we work with, and he is also part of a bribe I received, which is part of my collaboration in Argentina. 6 million, the commission.The bribe of Petrobras probe 10,000 probe was responsible Jorge Luz to pay for Senator Renan Calheiros … “said Cervero.