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Program to change Brazil’s agriculture for better


Brazilian agribusiness may not have had its best ever performance in 2016 for a series of reasons: climate issues in the main producing regions, price devaluation of commodities, and problems taking out rural credit. But one thing is certain, the country made a major political stride with the creation of the Agro+ Plan.

Launched in August by minister of agriculture Blairo Maggi and by Eumar Novacki, the executive secretary of the plan, the initiative aimes at improving regulatory processes and technical rules to make Brazil more competitive and increase its presence in the international market.

The goal outlined is clear: Ensure that, by 2020, Brazil increases its share in world agriculture trade from the current 7% to 10%. Specialists calculate that as a result, over $30 billion will be injected into the Brazilian economy. “The aim is to take inefficient money and put it to more efficient use,” stated Maggi. “These actions will generate more jobs and income for Brazil.”

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