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Car Wash and the satanisation of Brazil


Gustavo Gorriti alerts against the risk of  “demonising” Brazil and its companies in reaction to Lava Jato’s revelations: “ some anti-Brazilian moralism has been unleashed in Peru”, said Gorriti  who recently interviewed in Lima  judge Sergio Moro (the one in charge of  Car Wash (Lava Jato) anti-corruption case).

Moro ,  referring to the still incipient investigations outside Brazil, said he was worried of would be “an excessive vilification of Brazilian companies” as if only they are the wrongdoers.

“In Moro’s view,  if Latin American political actors received bribes from Brazilian companies, they probably also received payments from other agents “. Corruption, remarked him,  is not an isolated affair but a serial crime.” The comments came in a good moment. In Peru some opinion-makers are demanding not only an apology but a reparation from the Brazilian Government, who has been labeled as “imperialist”.

Gorriti however recalls that Peruvians owe Brazil ‘the  unprecedented judicial and citizen revolution that has exposed and defeated the powerful and secular corruption in Brazil. Virtually all that Latin America knows about Lava Jato’s corruption  is due to the research, at great cost, made in Brazil.

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