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Americas Quarterly: Top challenges for Brazil’s next foreign minister



Oliver Stuenkel, in an article published Wednesday (1) on the Americas Quarteley website (edited by the Americas’ Society), defubes three top challenges for Brazil’s next Foreign Minister.

The challeges are:

1. Manage the global corruption fallout – What has been discovered by Lava Jato investigation are causing a political earthquake across Latin America – and can be expected to produce political uncertainty for years to come.

2. Improve border security and regional cooperation to address transnational crimSerra’s successor should focus on cooperating with neighbors to establish a better strategy for combatting transnational organized crime. Yet even creating a plan that details how to secure over 10,500 miles of border with 10 different countries will be a herculean task – especially when organized crime often enjoys political influence through illicit campaign finance on both sides of the border.

3. Help accelerate Brazil’s economic recovery – Serra’s successor should also actively pursue free-trade agreements, use bilateral agreements to help solve outstanding double-taxation issues and clearly articulate how Brazil intends to fix its economy to international investors.

Stuenkel is a contributing columnist for Americas Quarterly and teaches International Relations at the Getulio Vargas Foundation in São Paulo.  Read his full article