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Macri aims to announce at the end of the year a Mercosur-European Union agreement


The desired scenario would be the WTO summit in Buenos Aires; Rajoy promised to push that possibility after the elections in France, which will define the European course

He finished exhausted after five days of tight schedule. Meetings, luncheons, gala dinners, speeches, interviews, tributes. But Mauricio Macri returned yesterday to Buenos Aires with the sensation of having given in Spain “a historical step” in his plan to recover the international confidence towards Argentina.

“The entrepreneurs took the dimension of the change we are proposing. As we consolidate the trust, investments will be enhanced,” he said before leaving in a brief dialogue with journalists who covered the state visit.

The President emphasizes the commitment he made to the Mariano Rajoy government to promote the free trade agreement with Mercosur in the European Union (EU), which he considers to be decisive for long-term development.

He returned to the country with the idea that he could announce a political pact between the two blocs at the biennial summit of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which Buenos Aires will host in December. Then there would be no less than three years of technical definitions and parliamentary approvals.

It is an ambitious goal if one takes into account that the negotiations began in 2000 and that strong resistance persists in key European countries, such as France.

It is no coincidence that the elections in that country capture the attention of the Casa Rosada. Rajoy told Macri during his meeting at the Moncloa Palace that he will go to work for the agreement in Brussels as soon as the French stage cleared.

Nothing will move until after May 7, the date of the second French electoral round. All prognoses place the right-wing Marine Le Pen of the National Front, a stalwart defender of protectionism in the best style, Donald Trump.

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