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Marcelo Odebrecht: I was not the owner of the government, I was the government’s “sucker”


Former Odebrecht President Marcelo Odebrecht said in a testimony to the Electoral Tribunal on Wednesday (1) that he was the “jester” of the federal government. He was dissatisfied for being forced to projects that do not want to play and the transfers to the electoral campaigns, without having received the compensatory measures that he thought necessary. The information is the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo.
The former president of the construction company was heard by Minister Herman Benjamin, speaker of pending action in the Superior Court in the PSDB asks the Electoral Justice casse the plate Temer Dilma Rousseff-Michel for alleged abuse of political and economic power during the election Presidential election 2014.
Marcelo Odebrecht said he did not have frequent contact with the government of high rank. “I was not the owner of the government, it was the government’s sucker. I was the fool of the government court.” Odebrecht also found it uncomfortable for disagreements with his father, Emilio Odebrecht, as projects in which the company supported the government.
Odebrecht also talked about the “naturalness” unregistered assets in an election campaign, arguing that the lobby is legalized and said that Odebrecht was not the only company that used donations to gain political support. According to him, unregistered assets implies tuition costs.