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Odebrecht denies agreement with Temer, but admits unregistered assets to Rousseff’s campaign


Entrepreneur Marcelo Odebrecht confirmed payment Election Justice for advertising João Santana, head of Dilma Rousseff’s campaign to the presidency in 2014, with two cash resources were in agreement with then Finance Minister Guido Mantega, told Reuters A source who had access to excerpts from statements given on Wednesday.

At the end of his testimony, Marcelo Odebrecht said he could not say “with certainty” whether Rousseff and Temer knew of the negotiations and “no illegality in donations.”

The statements were provided in Curitiba to the General Election Officer in the process in which the PSDB requests the dismissal of the Rousseff-Temer in the 2014 presidential election.

The former Odebrecht president, who signed a whistleblower award with La Jato, said, according to excerpts from testimony given to Reuters, that the PT government, including in the administration of former President Lula da Silva, have Negotiated with a company of two “counterparts” of an interim measure negotiated by Mantega in 2009 and would benefit the company.

The funds have not been used in the 2010 campaign and would have been as a credit for later use in the amount of R $ 50 million.

By 2013, Mantega had negotiated “spontaneous” support for the 2014 campaign and that the totals, plus all claims would be $ 300 million, to be used in box two. Marcelo Odebrecht denied that the funds were bribes so the contractor could do business and work with the government.

Also in the statement, Mantega asked Odebrecht to pay a debt with JoaoSantana, without specifying if they were debt of campaign, what was done. The entrepreneur did not claim to remember the exact amount, but said that there was somewhere between Real $ 20 million and Real $ 40 million in “unofficial” payments, that is, for illicit uses.

Odebrecht confirms dinner with Temer

In the same statement, Marcelo Odebrecht – who has been stuck in Curitiba, condemned for bribery and money laundering in the operation of the lava Jato – confirmed a dinner with Temer, the Palace of Jaburu, where he was treated for his contributions to The campaign then Vice-President, but said that the matter was taken “in general terms” and there was no request for direct donations made by Temer.

Last week, in a statement, Temer said that as president of the PMDB, “asked for formal and official support to Constructor Norberto Odebrecht” unauthorized “nothing was done without the support of the rules of the electoral law.”

The note was prompted by attorney José Yunes interviews, personal friend of Temer, who confirmed that they had received a money changer package from Lucio Funaro in his office at the request of the now Minister of Government, Eliseu Padilha.

The history of the delivery was revealed by the former director of Odebrecht, which claimed to be delivered more than 1 million office Yunes. The lawyer denies it knew that it is the money.