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Cruise ships in Brazil reduced by half in four years



The number of regular cruise ships on the Brazilian coast had a staggering dive in the last four years, period in which their number decreased 54 percent.

After reaching a peak in 2010-2011 season, when the record number of 20 ships were in the Brazilian shores. Next year the number declined to 15. In 2017 there will be only seven.

According to the site Marine Link, In the face of the economic crisis, port infrastructure problems and the high cost associated with operating in Brazil, cruise lines end up directing their vessels to other more competitive countries: “of the ships Brazil lost from last season, two went to Cuba, the newest and much awaited destination for cruises, and one to China, a market that has grown considerably”.

But thinks may be changing. Even with these setbacks, optimism for the upcoming season still prevails among local operators and foreign cruise lines, but the sector understands the hurdles it faces in Brazilian waters. In addition to the high tax burden and port charges (about 40 percent more expensive than anywhere else in the world), one of the main complaints is the low quality of port infrastructure at destinations which would be attractive to cruise lines.

Norwegian Cruise Line will take the risks. The company is bringing a ship to Brazil for the first time in the 2016/2017 season.

Full article (Claudio Paschoa, Marine Link)