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PSDB already look at the hypothesis of Mr. Doria for the Presidency in 2018


The crisis faced by the traditional leaders of the PSDB made the Party summit to seriously consider an argument that was previously limited to whispers behind the scenes: the possibility that the mayor of Sao Paulo, Joao Doria, to establish itself as a competitive name for the Presidential elections of 2018.

Parliamentarians and leaders of the PSDB admit that it is no longer just speculation. The assessment is that the political crisis tends to tarnish the traditional political class that will lead the voter to look, in 2018, similar to the formula that has been successful in some major cities in the country last year in municipal elections.

A party leader gave the following reasoning: in 2016, in cities where the voter had only traditional politicians, the option was for the less worse. But where there were new applicants, however, the new has won.

Mr. Doria was the main exponent of this trend, to resolve his opponents in the first phase of Sao Paulo made unprecedented elections so far with the speech that was not political, but the manager.

But with the indication that there will be the risk of out in the race for the presidency, the feeling grows that Mr. Doria can represent a viable option.