Auction to privatize 4 top Brazilian airports on Thursday (March 16)


    An auction on Thursday (March 16) will define the new administrators of the airports of Porto Alegre, Salvador, Florianópolis and Fortaleza, respectively capitals of the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Bahia, Santa Catarina and Ceará. With the concession, the government expects to raise at least R $ 3 billion, besides the $ 6.613 billion that will be invested in the four terminals.

    The winners will have to invest in expanding passenger terminals, aircraft yards and parking lots. At the Salvador airport, there is a requirement to build a new runway, and in Florianópolis, a new passenger terminal and a parking lot.


    The auction of the four airports will occur simultaneously, and the winner will be the one that offers the highest grant value. The same economic group may win the dispute for more than one airport, provided they are not in the same geographic region.

    To participate in the auction, the company will have to prove operation for at least five years at the airport with at least 9 million passengers, for the terminals of Salvador and Porto Alegre, 7 million for Fortaleza and 4 million for Florianópolis. The concession period will be 25 years for the Porto Alegre airport and 30 years for the others. (Source:Agencia Brasil)