Four airports on auction today


    The new private administrators of four airports  (those of Porto Alegre, Salvador, Florianópolis and Fortaleza) will be defined on Thursday (March 16) by auction. The government expects to raise at least R $ 3 billion (around $950 million) in grants with the concessions. The future administrators willl have  to invest around $2 billion in the four terminals.

    The companies that win the auction will have to invest in expansion of the passenger terminals. Also in aircraft yards and parking lots. At the Salvador airport, there is a requirement to build a new runway. And in Florianópolis, it will be necessary to build a new passenger terminal and a parking lot.

    The concessionaires are also expected to make immediate improvements to the terminals, such as revitalization and updating of signs and lighting system, offering free high-speed internet. Improvements have also been made to toilets and changing rooms, air conditioning systems, staircases, and treadmills. Under contract, the shipping rates will continue with the current value.