Trump and Temer phone call, a lukewarm conversation


    President Donald Trump called his Brazilian colleague Michel Temer late Saturday (March 18), but up to Sunday morning the White House had not released any information about the content of the call neither a line was published by international agencies or press about it.

    The only information available on the matter up Sunday morning was a short and lukewarm note released by press sector of Brazil’s Presidency that mereley said:

    i) the initiative of the call was Trump’s;

    ii) that it was the second conversation between the two heads of State (the note did not bother to explain that at the first call, in December, Trump was yet “president-elect”);

    iii) that they talked about the ongoing reforms in Brazil,which have been accompanied by Washington. Trump congratulated Temer on the important results already achieved;

    iv) that Trump was told about the most recent data indicating economic and employment resumption in Brazil;

    v) that Temer emphasized the importance of deepening a bilateral agenda focused in expanding trade and investment;

    vi) that Temer said he wil participate next week in meetings of fthe Brazil-US Chamber of Commerce and the Council of the Americas;

    vii) that hey agreed to maintain regular contact and left open the direct channels of dialogue, having established that they would speak again whenever there was a question of mutual interest.

    Aditionally, Brazilian press obtained extra information from a Temer’s assistant who accompanied the conversation, who said the meat scandal in Brazil was not mentioned. And that Temer President Trump to visit Brazil. What he did not explain is what such an importante information was not included in the note.

    First contact, a messenge from Temer

    The only information available Saturday morning about the Trump-Temer call was posted by Voice of America(VOA) in its Internet site, in which it was said that President Donald Trump was scheduled to speak later on the day, by phone, with the president of Brazil, “a nation in which many favored Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over Trump – due in large part to his opposition to free global trade”.

    Nevertheless, yet according VOA “Brazilian President Michel Temer sent a message to Trump shortly after his November election victory expressing confidence they could collaborate to strengthen relations between the countries”. At that occasionTemer has said increasing trade with the U.S. and securing more U.S. investment are keys to lifting Brazil out of what he calls a “very violent” recession, its worst on record.

    The first President-to-President phone call
    On December 13, 2016 Michel Temer called U.S. President-elect Donald Trump , agreeing to work together to improve business relations between the two largest economies in the Americas, according to a statement from Temer’s office “Temer and Trump agreed to launch, immediately after the swearing in of the new American president, an agenda for Brazil-U.S. growth,” the statement said. “(Temer) emphasized Brazil’s interest in receiving more American investment,” the statement added.

    Second Phone conversation, with Vice-President Mike Pence

    On February 13 2017 Vice President Mike Spence spoke by telephone with President Michel Temer to discuss ways to strengthen the bilateral relationship between the United States and Brazil. The two leaders underscored the importance of shared values between the United States and Brazil, including respect for democratic institutions and the rule of law, commitment to hemispheric security, and their common interests in creating jobs and stimulating economic growth. The Vice President and President Temer agreed to remain in close communication in order to advance their shared vision for a stable and prosperous hemisphere.