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Brazil blocks exports of 21 meatpackers involved in scandal


Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi announced on Monday that the 21 meat processor establishments investigated by the Federal Police had its export authorization certificates suspended by the Ministry of Agriculture. Of those, three suffered interdiction from federal authorities. The other 18 continued authorized to market theur products domestically.

The minister of Agriculture said that the European Union has informed the Brazilian government about its decision to suspend purchases of meat  and that it only affects the 21 investigated units. As regards South Korea’s decision, it concerns only imports of BRF products. Also, Egypt warned on the possibility of suspending purchases of Brazilian beef. Maggi said that Russia is watching the EU’s reaction to decide what to do.

The 21investigated meatpacker, according to the Ministry of Agriculture:

Frigorífico Oregon (Apucarana, Paraná)

Frango DM Indústria e Comércio de Alimentos (Arapongasa, Paraná)

Seara Alimentos (Lapa, Paraná)

Peccin Agro Industrial (Jaraguá do Sul,Santa Catarina)

BRF (Mineiro, Goiás)

Frigorífico Argus (São José dos Pinhais, Paraná)

Frigomax Frigorífico e Comércio de Carnes (Arapongas, Paraná)

Industria e comercio de Carnes Frigosantos (Campo Magro, Paraná)

Peccin Agro Industrial (Curitiba, Paraná)

JJZ Alimentos (Goianira, Goiás)

Balsa Comércio de Alimentos Eireli (Balsa Nova, Paraná)

Madero Indústria e Comércio (Ponta Grossa, Paraná)

Frigorífico Rainha da Paz (Ibiporã, Paraná)

Indústria de Laticínios S.S.P.M.A. (Sapopemba, Paraná)

Breyer & Cia (União da Vitória, Paraná)

Frigorífico Larissa (Iporã, Paraná)

Central de Carnes Paranaense (Colombo, Paraná)

Frigorífico Souza Ramos (Colombo, Paraná)

E.H. Constantino & Constantino (Londrina, Paraná)

Fábrica de Farinha de Carnes Castro (Castro, Paraná)

Transmeat Logística, Transportes e Serviços (Balsa Nova, Paraná)