Brazil’s foreign minister in Paraguay on March 27. Expectations about Itaipu.


    Paraguay will receive on March 27 the official visit of the new Brazilian minister of External Relations, Aloysio Nunes Ferreira.

    Local press expects that some kind of communication will be made on the issue of Annex C of the binational Itaipu Treaty.  In 2023, when the treaty will complete its 50th anniversary  – the debt of the binacional company to Brazilian Eletrobras will be settled, and new conditions between the parts have to be established.

    The new Brazilian director of Itaipu, Luiz Fernando Vianna said recently to the Brazilian press that after 2023 a new legal framework must govern all issues of the world’s second largest hydroelectric dam. The definition of a new commercial model is considered essential for Brazil, which under current rules has the right to use the volume of energy produced and not consumed by the Paraguayan part of the plant.

    But the Paraguay foreign minister Eladio Loizaga said Paraguay is no hurry to bring the negotiations forward because there is still a lot of time ahead. But some suggest that at least a road map could begin to be designed

    According to Paraguayan sources, by the end 2017 Itaipú’s liability with Eletrobras will amount to $ 8.7 billion and by August 2018to $ 7.7 billion. It will be zeroed by 2013.