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Labor outsourcing law approved by Congress, goes to President’s approval

External of Brazilian Nacional Congress

The House of Representatives approved on Wednesday (March 22) a bill of 1998 that authorizes the outsourcing to all sectors of activities, including in the public service, except for the so called State careers, as auditors and judges. The proposals presented Wednesday in plenary  by  opposition were analyzed and rejected. The text now follows for the presidential sanction.

The approved bill was paralyzed in the House  of Representative during the entire Lula administration, despite pressures from business to push it forward. Up to now outsourcing contracts were regulated only by a Supreme Labor Court (TST) summation, which prevents the use in the ‘end-activity’ of the companies.

The main points of the project are:

Outsourcing can be applied to any business activity.

The outsourced company will be responsible for hiring, remunerating and directing employees.

The contracting company shall guarantee the safety, hygiene and health of outsourced workers.

The duration of temporary work goes from up to three months to up to 180 days, consecutive or not.

After the termination of the contract, the temporary worker can only provide the same type of service again after waiting three months.

The opposition presented six highlights (propositions to modify points in the text), all rejected. With this, the project will continue for presidential sanction.