Brazil-Paraguay: high level meetings on March 27 and 28


    Brazil’s foreign affairs Minister Aloysio Nunes Ferreira will visit Asunción on March 27 and 28 (Monday and Tuesday), where he will hold a working meeting with Paraguayan Foreign Minister Eladio Loizaga.
    Itamaraty, Brazil’s Ministry  of External Relations , informed through an official release that “the visit comes at a time of intensification of high-level bilateral meetings, which included, in particular, President Michel Temer’s visit to Paraguay last October. This sequence of meetings confirms the priority that the Brazilian government attaches to relations with Paraguay”.

    Ministers Nunes Ferreira and Loizaga will follow up on the presidential visit on issues such as border development, trade, investment, infrastructure and security. The objective is to deepen the relationship in all areas judged to be priorities by governments and their societies, expanding opportunities for partnerships and cooperation, with concrete impact on increasing the well-being of the population of both countries, said the note.

    In addition, the foreign ministers will examine regional and multilateral agendas, with an emphasis on the economic and trade strengthening of Mercosur and the bloc’s external negotiations. Brazil and Paraguay have a convergent vision both in relation to Mercosur’s internal challenges, among which the elimination of internal barriers to trade, the importance of moving forward in negotiations with the European Union and opening new negotiating fronts with other blocs and individual partners.

    Brazil is the main trading partner of Paraguay. In 2016, the bilateral exchange reached US $ 3.4 billion. In the first two months of 2017, the bilateral exchange reached US $ 556 million, which represents an increase of 27% over the same period of last year.