Uruguay dealt rightly with Brazilian beef, says Ambassador


    Brazil has launched a diplomatic offensive in the last days to contain damage and to prevent  that the “Weak Meat” case – which involved 21 meatpackers out of a total of 4837 plants  – comes to damage Brazil’s image and its interest as  world’s largest exporter of beef. What Itamaraty (the Brazilian Ministry of External  Relations) is doing is  to “communicate and make transparent” everything related to this  issue, to clarify doubts “so that  consumers are assured that what is happening in Brazil is a very specific and localised problem”.

    In an interview to Radio República, Brazil’s Ambassador to Uruguay, Hadil da Rocha Vianna, highlighted the “courage” of the Uruguayan government, which, in contrast to other countries, avoided taking general measures against Brazil and only suspended Brazilian meat from the specific meatpackers involved ,

    Ambassador Vianna affirmed that Brazil’s  animal health system,  is recognized in the world for its quality is not  under question. What has been investigated, but a series of “deviations of conduct” of companies and officials. (Source: La Republica, Montevidéu)

    Full interview (La Republica)