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Brazilian Ambassador in Singapore also assured good quality of Brazilian beef and poultry


The  Singaporean Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority said the 21 meat exporters in Brazil that are under investigation there do not export meat to Singapore.

Brazil’s Ambassador to Singapore Flavio Soares Damico told The Straits Times – the most important Singaporean newspaper – that out of 853,000 shipments of meat and meat products sent abroad last year, only 184 were rejected and not all for animal health reasons.

In a telephone interview  to Channe NewsAsia Mr Damico said: “Brazil is a huge country and among the thousands of meat production units, only three plants have been closed. From the information I have presently, none of these plants export meat to Singapore.”

A spokesperson for Dairy Farm Singapore – the parent company of supermarket chains such as Cold Storage, Marketplace and Jason’s as well as Giant hypermarkets – said it has “received assurance from our suppliers that none of their brands and products are involved in the meat scandal and that none of their plants have been closed by the authorities”.

The company added that it will work with all stakeholders to monitor the situation, and to continue with its practice of diversified sourcing.

Supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice said it is seeking clarification from its poultry suppliers while awaiting investigation results from the Brazilian authorities.  In an emailed statement a spokesperson said: “NTUC FairPrice is aware of ongoing investigations on JBS and BRF in Brazil, which supply Frangosul and Sadia products to our stores as well as various retailers in Singapore.

“As a responsible retailer, we take matters of food quality and safety very seriously.” A spokesperson for Sheng Siong told Channel NewsAsia that the supermarket chain will seek clarifications from its supplier as well.