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Brazilian meat imported by Qatar presents no risks, says Ambassador Abdalla


Qatari consumers need not to worry, because Qatar does not import any meat or poultry products from the Brazilian meat processing establishments which have been placed under a special surveillance, Roberto Abdalla, Brazilian ambassador to Qatar said on Saturday (March 24).

Ambassador Abdalla  issued a clarification regarding the controls and certification of meat products enforced by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply:

“Qatar recently placed restrictions on import of meat and poultry consignments from Brazil amid media reports that the country has been exporting meat that is unfit for consumption.

The Ministry of Public Health has advised officials at all ports of entry into the country to hold all consignments of cattle, poultry and their products from Brazil. It stressed consignments could be released only after samples are taken and analysed.

“The investigation on the Brazilian meat industry (Operacao Carne Fraca) cites 21 industrial processing units from a total of 4,837 units, under federal inspection of animal products, and 33 MAPA employees from a total of 11,000. In spite of the massive coverage by the press, no material evidence of non-conformities has been presented in the documents submitted by the police investigation in course, until now. Based on the judicial decision authorising the investigations, MAPA ordered the interdiction of three industrial processing units as a preventive measure,” Roberto Abdalla, Ambassdor of Brazil to Qatar said in a statement.
“None of these units has been exporting poultry or beef to Qatar. Equally, all the public officials who have been accounted for were temporally dismissed and are being subjected to administrative procedures, in addition to the criminal proceedings already in place,” the ambassador stressed.

The announced nonconformities were confined to a small number of establishments in comparison to the total number of industrial units under the Brazilian Federal inspection regime, according to him.

“Only a small number of inspection officials are under suspicion. Among the three (3) industrial plants which were preventively interdicted, none of them has been exporting to Qatar,” he stressed.
“Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture reaffirms that there has been no change in the procedures of the Brazilian inspection service, which has been audited several times by international authorities and has been considered in line with all the necessary requirements. MAPA ensures that surveillance protocols and procedures are efficient and result in high-quality and safe food for consumption. MAPA also reinforces its commitment to continuously improve the guarantees of its sanitary control system,” he added.