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Brazilian satellite still grounded in Kourou


Up to Monday (March 27) morning the French Guiana (Kourou) Space Center had not defined the date for launching of an Ariane 5 rocket to put into orbit  a Brazilian and a South Korean satellites. The reason of the delay is the situation of social tension in Guiana, where 37 trade unions gathered in the Guyanese Workers’ Union (Union des travailleurs guyanais) participate in manifestations and road blockades . The workers of company Edel,  that operates logistics (transfers of parts of the rocket and the satelittes) are in strike.

As remarked by the French press, with 49 homicides over the last twelve months, “Guyana and its 250,000 inhabitants have become the most criminogenic land in France”. In the background, there is endemic unemployment, a galloping birth rate – one of the highest rates in the world – and the explosion of illegal immigration, of which Guyana is one of the main gateways into France, with Mayotte.