Brazil: Venezuela’s government must reverse the course of crisis


    The Brazilian Government issued a note on Thursday (March 30) repudiating the Venezuelan High Court of Justice (TSJ) for having withdrawn prerogatives from the National Assembly ,”in a clear breach of constitutional order”. Brazil also views with great concern  the decision taken by that same court which arbitrarily suspended rights and  immunities of Venezuelan parliamentarians.

    The position of the Brazilian Government is of full respect for the principle of the independence of powers as an essential element of democracy. ” TSJ’s decisions  violate this principle and fuel the political radicalization in the country”, adds the note.

    Considering recent events, Brazil calls all relevant actors to reflexion, reiterating that “effective dialogue and in good faith constitute the most adequate solution for the restoration of Venezuela’s institutional normality. We emphasize that the primary responsibility for reversing the course of the crisis lies with the Venezuelan Government itself”.

    The Brazilian Government will continue to coordinate regionally, with all interested parties, to examine the worrying situation in Venezuela, ends the note.