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Switzerland announces blockade of more than $ 3 billion in suspect account

Of this total, R $ 600 million stolen has already been returned to Brazil


Switzerland’s public prosecutor said on Wednesday 5 that 1 billion Swiss francs (US $ 3.08 billion) had been frozen in suspicious accounts investigated for the operation Operation Wash Car (Lava Jato in Portuguese). According to the document, in 2016, Bern has opened 20 new criminal investigations involving Brazilian and analyzed more than a thousand banking relationships.

According to the document, the prosecutor confirms that he investigates, since 2014 the Petrobras cases, in particular for “money laundering aggravated acts of corruption.” “Therefore, the prosecutor examines in greater depth, bank documents related to more than a thousand banking relationships,” he said.

Twenty new files were opened by Switzerland in 2016, which made a total of the criminal investigations conducted by the Bernese court on Operation Lava Jato, has surpassed the mark of 60 cases. In this list are the former directors of Petrobras, as well as political campaigns and marketing coordinators, such as Joao Santana.

Switzerland also reported that, as of mid-2015, “Odebrecht conglomerate” was given “special attention”.

“In the context of the investigations carried out against Odebrecht, against other companies and against numerous individuals, a major contributor to Odebrecht was arrested and heard in Switzerland in February 2016,” the Public Prosecutor said. In the report, the name of the employee was not disclosed, but it is known that refers to Fernando Miggliaccio, responsible for cash deliveries of the “bribe department”. He tried to close accounts in Switzerland and erase data on a server maintained outside the country.

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