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French group Lagardère ready to get Maracanã’s management


The fate of Maracanã football (soccer) stadium in Rio de Janeiro seems to be close to a definition. According to the newspaper Valor (Thursday, April 6) group Odebrecht have already accepted the proposal presented by the French group Lagardère’s. The final agreement must be announced on Friday. According to the same source,  Lagardère wants to get into Maracanã as soon as possible due to the stadium’s known maintenance problems.

The French company had participated in the stadium bidding in 2013, which resulted in a victory by the consortium led by Odebrecht.

Maracanã laid dormant since after the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics, with photos surfacing in early 2017 of a dried up playing field covered in brown spots and missing turf, ripped-out seats, and damage to windows and doors. A debt of 3 million reais (around $940,000) to the local energy company led to power being shut off. At heart of the issue is legal wrangling between the stadium’s owner, operator and the organizing committee for the Rio Olympics over responsibility for maintaining the grounds. Maracana SA, the operator, charges that the Olympic committee did not return the venue in an acceptable condition, while the committee says the things they need to fix shouldn’t keep Maracana from operating. Within six months of the games, daily tours of the stadium were halted due to vandalism at the stadium and violent robberies in the area. Items of value have been looted from the stadium including fire extinguishers, televisions and a bronze bust of journalist Mario Filho, for whom the stadium was named (source: Wikipedia).