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Mac Margolis: Temer, bad with him, worst without


Michel Temer is the worst Brazilian president since Dilma Rousseff, but one thing is true: for all his shortcomings, crisis-addled Brazil is better off with him than without, concludes  journalist Mac Margolis in an tought-provoking article posted on Wednesday (April 5) in Bloomberg View. That’s because Temer may be Brazil’s last chance “to reverse colossal errors that sabotaged Latin America’s biggest economy and disgraced its governing establishment”. Margolis states that what propels the President agenda is not any kind of civic enlightenment, “but rank survivalism”, as the fallout from Carwash anti-corruption investigations continues to sepread. Tensions are high and will increase even more, as the electoral court decides whether he shoud stay or shoud he go.

Article (Bloomberg View)