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Who paid the lavish bills of the Workers’ Party ad campaigns in Lula and Rousseff’s administrations?


Hundreds of millions dollars have been spent  by  the Workers’ Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores, PT) in advertising and promotions since the first Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva campaign to the Presidency in 2002.

Even at Lula’s inauguration day, in January 2013, expenses with huge festivities and singer stars shows in Brasilia and other cities were lavishly paid by PT.

After that, during all Lula-Dilma Rousseff years in power (2003-2016) much money was spent to guarantee elections and reelections and to present, specially in Ms. Rousseff’s case, a rosy view of a country that was on brink of disaster.

But from where had come so much money to pay for all this ? That a reasonable part came from illicit origin it is out of doubt. Soon more will be known, because the newspapers of Thursday (April 6) reported that the publicist Duda Mendonça closed an agreement of ‘delação premiada’ (awarded confession) with the Federal Police in Brasília.

Mendoça is  following the footsteps of his colleagues João and Monica Santana, who headed PT’s campaigns during Ms. Roussef’s years. All three  decided to tell everything about the origin of the money that financed so many parties and events.