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Governors and senators in Fachin’s long list




Renan Filho (PMDB), governor of the state of Alagoas. His defence councel says that all donations received in the campaign were strictly within the law, declared and approved by the Electoral Court.
Robinson Faria (PSD), governor of Rio Grande do Norte
Tião Viana (PT), governor of Acre. He said he trusts in Justice and that he’ll defend his honor with determination, besides taking
all the necessary judicial measures against the perpetrators of slander and the propagandists of dishonor.” Outraged, but with a clear conscience.”


Eunício Oliveira (PMDB, state of Ceará), Chairman  of the  Federal Senate. Under suspicion of having received bribe  to facilitate the conversion of provisional measures into law. He said he’s innocent,

Antônio Anastasia (PSDB, Minas Gerasi), Senator Anastasia said that through all his public life he has never  dealt with any illicit subject with anyone.”

Romero Jucá (PMDB, Roraima), senator.

Aécio Neves (PSDB, Minas Geris), senator. Suspected of receiving undue advantages to favor Odebrecht in works such as  Jirau hydroeletric plant and other. He said all content of the allegations are false and that he is ready to unmask the lies, demonstrating the absolute correctnesse of his conduct,

Renan Calheiros (PMDB, Alagoas), senator. He said that “the opening of the inquiries will allow me to know the content of the alleged accusations and, finally, to exercise my right of defense without being based solely on selective leaks of allegations.”

Fernando Bezerra Coelho (PSB-Pernambuco), senator, His defense said it has not received any official information. Senator Coelho said he  remains at the disposal of the authorities in order to provide any clarifications that may be needed.”

Paulo Rocha (PT, Pará), senator,  He said that all campaign money was declared to the electorl with details on donor companies and donors individuals,  Senator Rocha emphasized that he strictly obeyed the rules of electoral law. ”

Humberto Costa (PT, Pernambuco), senator. He said he “awaits the conclusion of an investigation opened more than two years ago by the Supreme Court”. He declared his innocence says he  he always has beeb at the disposal of the authorities for all necessary clarifications.”

Edison Lobão (PMDB-Maranhão), senator.

Cássio Cunha Lima (PSDB, Paraíba), senator. He said he received a donation from Brskem to his 2014 campaign and that such  donation was duly declared to the electoral court.  He declared himself innocent.

Jorge Viana (PT, Acre ), senator. He is confident that it will  be proved in court that his campaigns (as well as his brother, the governor of Acre, Tião Viana)  were done within the law and with clean money.

Lidice da Mata (PSB, Bahia), senator.

José Agripino Maia (DEM, Rio Grande do Norte), senator. Declared himself innocent and said he is at the disposal of Justice
to collaborate with the investigations that may be required'”.

Marta Suplicy (PMDB, São Paulo), senator.

Ciro Nogueira (PP, Piauí), senator.

Dalírio José Beber (PSDB, Santa Catarina), senator. He said to be surprised to see his name in the list of investigated persons, and that he is innocent.

Ivo Cassol (PP-Rondonia), senator. Claimed to be innocent.

Lindbergh Farias (PT-Rio de Janeiro), senator. Said he is innocent and trustas that “investigation will clarify the facts”.

Vanessa Grazziotin (PCdoB, state of Amazonas), senator. She said she’s innocent of any wrongdoings and that all her campaign money were official, declared and approved by  the electoral court”,

Kátia Abreu (PMDB, Tocantins), senator,  She said she is innocent and that in all her public life she had never participated in corruption and I have never accepted to participate in any movement of groups outside the law.

Fernando Collor de Mello (PTC, Alagoas), senator.

José Serra (PSDB, São Paulo), senator.

Eduardo Braga (PMDB, Amazonas), senator. He said that the opening of an investigation does not mean that the respondents mader any type of crime.

Omar Aziz (PSD, Amazonas), senator.

Valdir Raupp (PMDB, Rondonia), senator. He said that in the due moment he’ll prove that all donations were legal, and that they were declared and aproved by the electoral court.

Eduardo Amorim (PSDB-SE), senator

Maria do Carmo Alves (DEM-SE), senator

Garibaldi Alves Filho (PMDB-RN), senator

Ricardo Ferraço (PSDB-ES), senator. He said he is absolutely perplex and indignant with the inclusion of his name in such a listing. He said Odebrecht was not a donor to his campaigns.