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Also spracht Odebrecht: $3.6 billion spent in kikbacks


In testimony to the Attorney General’s Office,  the businessman Marcelo Odebrecht (currently serving term in prison) explained that he was personally responsible for the definition of an “official global value”  that Odebrecht would donate to politicians and parties at the beginning of each election campaign, being the values defined according to the benefits they could take to the corporation.

“I was not to me to define how much  each one (party or candidate) would  receive, because if I did so I would be interfering with the delegation of each business,” he explained. In a video released by the Supreme Court (STF) on Thursday, Marcelo Odebrecth said he used to play down the values in the first round, to increase them in the second round when  there would be only two candidates. He said Odebrecht used to ‘balance’ its donation among the  parties, with the three main ones (PMDB, PT and PSDB) receiving practically three quarters of the total”.

Marcelo Odebrecht  also reported that between 2008 and 2015 he made available R $ 300 million ($95.3 million) to former ministers Antônio Palocci and Guido Mantega (both from the Workers’ Party – PT), who received the money saying it would be spent on the interests of the party. He said the ex ministers acted as representatives of former presidents Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff. This way, he continued, Odebrecht paved the way to directly condut themes of  its  interest in the government’s highest levels.

“Our executives were usually focused on the majority campaigns in the states where they had business. In general, they did not pay attention to the National Congress, where things are more diffuse. There, Claudio  Mello took care of the situation.   But it was a problem, because Claudio had no specific knowledge to evaluate the results, so  I instructed him to always work lined up with the business executive of each specific area. “

In a separate statement to public prosecutors, a former Odebrecht director, Hilberto Mascarenhas, said that the company’s “structured operations department” (created exclusively to manage the complex bribing  and kickbacks system) was fed exclusively by Odebrecht’s “own resources”, in dollars. About the operation, he informed that payments were made through transfers to accounts abroad or through cash deliveries in Brazil. According to the same source, between 2006 and 2014, Odebrecht spent $ 3.37 billion in illicit payments.