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Time Magazine and the Brazil of 50 years ago: Costa e Silva


Time Magazine is doing a very interesting job, reviewing what its journalists wrote 50 years ago, along the year 1967, week by week, and selecting not milestone moments, but smaller ones. Often, says Time´s Lilly Rothman, “it’s the smaller news stories that add up, gradually, to big history”. This week, Time Magazine focused on Brazil…in 1967.

The venue is Punta del Este, Uruguay, where the leaders from the Americas met, and the U.S. President, Lyndon Johnson “made a quite positive impression”. But also there was Brazil´s “newly-installed president, Artur da Costa e Silva”, the leader of the nation that made up half the area, wealth and population of South America, the one”to make the big ideas to come out of the conference into reality”.

Time told the story of the new President, remembering that in 1930 he was put in jail for being at the wrong side in a failed rebellion. Next was the arrival of Getulio Vargas, who replaced the powerful landowners rule with a”semi-Fascist dictatorship”. The article mentions Juscelino Kubitschek, Janio Quadros and Joao Goulart “a leftist demagogue who at the very moment of Quadros’ resignation was in Peking chatting with Mao Tse-tung,” came to power”.

In 1964 there was the military coup that deposed Goulart. The first general-president was Castello Branco, who was succeeded by Costa e Silva. Time said he had promised “to humanize the revolution launched by his austere and humorless predecessor”—but he has also made it clear that he intends to carry through on the many basic reforms that Castello began,” the magazine explained.

Article (Time Magazine)