Home Opinion Leftist icon Noam Chomsky says Brazil’s Worker’s Party joined the “corrupt elite”

Leftist icon Noam Chomsky says Brazil’s Worker’s Party joined the “corrupt elite”

The political activist blamed Brazil's crisis on corruption


World-renowned author Noam Chomsky spoke out against Latin America’s left-wing parties on the American news broadcast, Democracy Now! In an interview with anchor Juan González, Chomsky blames “enormous corruption” for the failure of left-wing governments.

The interview occurred in the wake of the election of Lenin Moreno for the presidency of Ecuador. Moreno comes from the leftist ruling party but only barely beat the right-wing banker Guillermo Lasso. Looking at the right-wing elections and takeovers across Latin America, including our dear Brazil, González asked Chomsky where exactly the left went wrong. Chomsky’s answer is priceless.

First, the MIT professor speaks to the faulty economic policies made by left-wing governments in Latin America. The over-reliance on commodity prices due to the growth of China left governments complacent.

“Instead of trying to develop a sustainable economy with manufacturing, agriculture and so on…they simply relied on raw materials commodities they could export,” said Chomsky on air.

This tactic left Latin American countries dependent on manufacturing imports from China rather than on their own industries.

Hands in the till

But much worse than these economic policies is the rampant corruption.

While Noam Chomsky credits Brazil’s Worker’s Party (PT) with taking significant strides for public welfare, he recognizes politicians’ weakness for corruption.

“They just couldn’t keep their hands out of the till,” said Chomsky on air. “They joined the extremely corrupt elite, which is robbing all the time, and took part in it, as well, and discredited themselves.”

So what does the left have to do in order to pick itself back up? Beyond just a solid economic foundation, they must be “honest enough to carry out decent programs without robbing the public at the same time.” Let’s hope Brazil’s politicians across party lines can follow Chomsky’s advice.