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Odebrecht: Pre-trial detention for former Ecuador’s minister Alecksey Mosquera


Ecuadorian justice ordered a 90-day preventive detention on Saturday for a former Electricity minister , who was arrested along with another person in an investigation into alleged bribery by Brazilian Odebrecht to Ecuadorian officials.

Alecksey Mosquera , whom the Prosecutor’s Office identifies as Alexei M., was between 2007 and 2009 Minister of Electricity under the government of Socialist President Rafael Correa, who will conclude his term on May 24 after ten years of government.

The other detainee will be held house arrest for being 70 years old.

“Judge ordered preventive detention for Alexei M. and house arrest for Marcelo E.,” said the attorney general, Galo Chiriboga, through his account on Twitter , after the hearing on charges was installed Saturday in Quito.

He added that in the so-called Odebrecht case, the “fiscal instruction will last 90 days and the 2 defendants will not be able to dispose of assets”, according to the judicial decision, which includes the “withholding of accounts” from both inquiries.

“Detained Alexei M. Electricity minister and Marcelo E. partner companies, who would have received money from corruption,” said Chiriboga in principle.

The government daily El Telégrafo indicated that the Prosecutor ‘s Office accused Mosquera and Marcelo E. of alleged presumed money laundering, who were captured on Friday.

He added that in the judicial proceeding, prosecutor Wilson Toainga presented evidence of bank deposits for $ 924,000 to Mosquera and Marcelo E. 80,000 to Marcelo E. “allegedly Odebrecht would have given them as a bribe for the construction contract for the Toachi Pilatón hydroelectric plant, Signed in 2007