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Passenger railway may be part of concession in Brazil


A proposal for the construction of a railway connecting the cities of São Paulo and Campinas may be included in the Program for Investment Partnerships (PPI in the original acronym), the federal government’s main bidding projects. According to José Carlos Medaglia, president of the Planning and Logistics Company (EPL), the project may materialize as part of a bidding process or a public-private partnership.

“It can hardly be a solely public investment,” Medaglia told Agência Brasil. The intercity train is expected to run on a 135km-long line with nine stations. Sixty thousand passengers should be served every day. “It’s a really interesting alternative to provide a railway solution to passengers in an underserved area,” he added.

In Medaglia’s view, the project will be made possible as part of a cooperation between the federal government and the São Paulo state government. “Some sections are covered by federal concessions, so we must manage to share the same line or the same track ownership,” he explains.

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