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Brazil awards Sao Paulo motorway concession

A 30-year concession for a major highway in Brazil has been awarded to Arteris, a subsidiary of Abertis.


The contract process has been closed for an amount of R$1,212Mn (£296m), in real terms, to be paid after the contract signature, with a second payment of R$225Mn (£55m) to be paid after the release of the current concession. The contract establishes an iInvestment plan of nearly R$5,000m (£1.2bn) to expand capacity along more than 275km of the route.

The Rodovias dos Calcados package adds 403km of toll roads that were previously managed by the government of Sao Paulo to the 317km already managed by Arteris in a concession that had been due to end next year.

The route is a strategic transport axis for the state of Sao Paulo, and it is located in a region with a population of 1.6 million people.

The incorporation of the new assets into the Abertis portfolio brings the total length of toll roads managed by the group to more than 9,000km in 14 countries.