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A member of the Supreme Court seeks an opinion from Janot, attorney general, on the impeachment of Gilmar Mendes, also member of the Supreme Court


Leftist lawyers filed an application for impeachment last year against Gilmar Mendes. Names like Marcelo Neves, who was supported by Gilmar Mendes to become advisor to the National Justice Concil, Cláudio Fonteles, former Attorney General, and Alvaro Ribeiro da Costa, former Attorney General of the Union, signed the document.

The then Senate president, Renan Calheiros, archived the petition. The authors appealed and said that Renan could not archived unilaterally without consulting the Board and had ignored in his opinion evidence that would appear in the request. The AGU, in an alien manner, issued an opinion endorsing Renan’s decision in lieu of the Federal Senate Advocacy.

Now Minister Edson Fachin has just asked for an opinion from the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, on the appeal of the signatories of the request.

Minister Fachin could has ignore the appeal, instead he chose to proceed and just after being voted in the habeas corpus of Lava Jato for Jose Dirceu. The timing could not be more significant. The impeachment of a STF minister is the exclusive prerogative of the Senate, Fachin’s action must be seen as a political response to Gilmar Mendes’ latest moves.

We must pay attention to the opinion of Rodrigo Janot, who is publicly a dislike of Gilmar Mendes.