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Leadership lessons from Brazil’s anti-corruption judge, Financial Times


The Financial Times releasing today an article by Antonio Batista da Silva Junior about Judge Sergio Moro, head of the Operation Car Wash entitled “Leadership lessons from Brazil’s anti-corruption judge”

The Article deals the importance of combating impunity and of bringing the corrupt to justice. The text mentions Caspar Barlaeus, the 17th century Dutch theologian, who claimed that “no sin below the Equator; it is as if the line that divides the hemispheres also separated virtue from vice”.

This paradigm, according Silva Junior, is being broken in Brazil, albeit at the cost of a highly turbulent moment in the nation’s political history. Central to this is Operation Car Wash (Lava-Jato), one of the broadest anti-corruption drives ever launched by the Brazilian federal police and whose main proponent is Sergio Moro, the federal judge at the forefront of the country’s anti-graft movement.

“In today’s world, full of ambivalence, contrast, intolerance and moral and ethical failure, it is important to launch initiatives, such as the one Moro leads. These show us a new path, one that is more ethical and fairer.”

It is a path along which virtue will undoubtedly overcome vice, according Silva Junior.

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