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The energy produced from the wind generation saved the Brazilian northeast from an energy crisis


This is the joyful news that released by Brazilian Wind Energy Association (Abeeólica) in its annual bulletin on the current situation of renewable energy in Brazil. The numbers are encouraging. Wind energy, besides being renewable, is friendly to the environment because it is non-polluting. This energy source has grown consistently in recent years and today accounts for 7% of installed energy in Brazil.

According to Elbia Gannoum, Executive Chairman of Brazilian Wind Energy Association, the growth of the sector is within expectations. The country has added an average of 2.1 GW per year. Today, Brazil ranks ninth in the world in wind energy production. The country don’t managed longer more due to the economic crisis of 2009, which caused consumption to fall, both domestic and productive electricity.

Elbia Gannoum say that in October wind power was around generation, reaching 15% of all energy produced in the country. Although this has been an isolated event, this figure shows the potential for renewable production at the national wind farm. In the case of the Brazilian Northeast wind production has reached more expressive figures, reaching 50% of the total energy generation.

In response to the question asked by journalist Bruno Calixto of Época magazine, Elbia said that as a source of wind “they come from natural resources, it is variable, that is not a defect, it is not a problem, it is a characteristic of the renewable source And if there is a change in the quality of life of people living with HIV / AIDS, it is a benefit that Brazil can use and use to build a future matrix with a large share of renewable sources. Matrix that will also have a little fossil energy, as a security mechanism of the system, but with a large share of renewables. “