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Folha: Decision Regarding Former President Lula Will be Released by July


Five days after interrogating former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Judge Sergio Moro on Monday (the 15th) set July 20th as the end date for the PT Party (Workers’ Party) Leader’s defense to present their final arguments in the case.

After this date, the magistrate will decide whether to condemn or acquit the former president regarding the charge of having received improper benefits from the OAS construction company, among them a triplex apartment in Guarauja (Sao Paulo).

There is no limit set for the date for a decision itself to be made, but if the defense is unable to prolong the case through appeals, the tendency is for it not to take too long after July the 20th.

The majority of sentences handed down by Moro in the so-called Car Wash investigation (Lava Jato) have been released in less than a month after the presentation of the final arguments – out of 28 decisions, 13 were released within 10 days.

Currently, four cases are awaiting a decision from the judge’s chamber, but all involve defendants already condemned within the scope of the operation.

The speed at which Moro is deciding cases has actually come under question by lawyers, like those that represented former congressman Eduardo Cunha (Brazilian Democratic Movement Party).

In the PMDB Party Leader’s case, the charges were formally filed on a Monday night and his decision was made on the following Thursday morning.

A case condemning former Petrobras director Nestor Cervero, for example, was decided one day after the last charge was joined.

The former president is also a defendant in another case from Car Wash being heard in court in Curitiba and likely to be decided by Moro. In both cases, the defense declares that Lula is innocent.