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Recording like an Atomic Bomb, threat the President Temer


Last Wednesday afternoon, Joesley Batista and his brother Wesley hurried into the STF and headed straight into the office of Minister Edson Fachin. The owners of JBS, the largest producer of animal protein on the planet, were accompanied by five more people, all from the company.

They were there for the final act of an atomic bomb that will explode over the country – the award they made, with destruction power equal to or greater than Odebrecht’s. Facing Fachin, who is responsible for ratifying the accusation, the seven people present at the meeting confirmed that everything they told the Attorney General’s Office in April was of their own free will.

It is a deed like never before in the Car Wash:

In it, President Michel Temer was recorded in an embarrassing dialogue. In front of Joesley, Temer appointed Deputy Rodrigo Rocha Loures to resolve a matter of J & F (holding that controls JBS). Subsequently, Rocha Loures was filmed receiving a US$ 500,000 suitcase sent by Joesley. Temer also heard from the businessman that he was giving Eduardo Cunha and the operator Lucio Funaro an allowance in prison to keep quiet. Facing the information, Temer encouraged: “You have to keep this, have you?”

Aécio Neves was recorded asking Joesley for $ 2 million. The money was handed to a cousin of the PSDB president, in a scene duly filmed by the Federal Police. The PF tracked the way of the reals. He discovered that they were deposited in a company of Senator Zeze Perrella (PSDB-MG).

Joesley also reported that Guido Mantega was his contact with the PT. It was with former finance minister Lula and Dilma Rousseff that tip money was negotiated for distribution to the PTs and allies. Mantega also operated the interests of JBS at the BNDES.

Joesley also revealed that he paid R $ 5 million to Eduardo Cunha after his arrest, a figure referring to a balance of bribes that the peemedebista had with him. He also said that he owed R $ 20 million for the law on the tax exemption of the chicken sector.