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Veja Magazine: Temer Ordered Spying on Supreme Court Judge Edson Fachin

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Immediately after of the his acquittal on illegal campaign finance charges, President Michel Temer is fighting new allegations that his administration  was wrapped up in new wrongdoing.

In a story posted late Friday on its website, Veja magazine cites an anonymous presidential aide as saying that Temer and his advisers asked the Brazilian Intelligence Agency to spy on Edson Fachin who is in Car Wash charge of the ongoing corruption investigation which has targeted the president, along with numerous other political and business figures.

Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court urged a thorough investigation into reports that the country’s secret security service spied on Justice Edson Fachin, in the latest clash involving President Michel Temer’s embattled administration.

Temer’s office denied the Veja report, saying the Abin “acts in accordance with the purpose for which it has been created”.

Court president Carmen Lúcia said in a statement on Saturday that, if proved accurate, such reports show an inadmissible meddling into the court and an attack against democratic liberties.

If the report proves accurate, Lúcia said in the statement, punishment of the alleged espionage should take into account the grave “legal, political and institutional consequences of such an act.”

Brazilian Public Prosecutor Rodrigo Janot issued a statement on Saturday saying he was “perplexed” by the alleged use of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin) to investigate Federal Supreme Court (STF) minister Edson Fachin, who, according to him , Has been guided by “exemption” and responsibility. Janot referred to the episode as an “attack on the powers of the Republic and the democratic state of law.”