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“For the time being the issue is exhausted,” says Carmen Lucia about suspected espionage


The Chairman of the Federal Supreme Court Carmen Lucia, said on Monday June 12 that after President Michel Temer (PMDB) denied that Abin (Brazilian Intelligence Agency) was been entrusted to monitor STF minister Edson Fachin, the subject is “for now, exhausted.”

The president of the Supreme also stated that it is not possible to doubt the word of the President of the Republic.

Report from “Veja” magazine this week stated that Temer called on Abin to monitor Minister Edson Fachin, Car Wash’s rapporteur on the Court. The president is being investigated in the Supreme Court on suspicion of corruption, which is under the responsibility of Fachin.

Temer denied giving any order to Abin. “The government does not use the public machine against Brazilian citizens, much less it will do any type of action that does not respect the strict dictates of the law,” the president said in a statement released on Friday.

Despite having issued a note on Saturday, in which she said that such action would be “inadmissible”, Carmen Lucia released a new demonstration on the subject on Monday after questions from journalists about whether the STF would take some action against the suspicions launched against To Abin.