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Chairman of the Board considers discontinue Congress recess to vote complaint against Temer


The Chairman of the Board, Rodrigo Maia, admitted on Thursday July 15 the possibility of suspending the parliamentary recess, which begins constitutionally on July 18, for the House to vote the complaint of the Prosecution scheduled to file against President Michel Temer in the following days.

The aim of this action is to defeat an attempt to overthrow President Temer. For Maia, “the role of the House is to begin and close the matter.”

“If the accusation happens, society will not understand that the Chamber will stop until this process is completed, because while this process is in the Chamber, this will be the priority agenda of the Chamber,” said Rodrigo Maia.

There are two ways to suspend the parliamentary recess.

The first, considered easier by the government, is to postpone the vote on Budgetary Guidelines Law. Parliamentarians can’t go on holiday before the Budget Law is passed.

The Constitution provides another possibility. The House and the Senate may approve by simple majority a request for extraordinary convocation presented by the president of one or another Chambers or by the majority of the deputies and senators.

Senate President Eunice Oliveira denied any agreement to stop the July vacation.

Earlier this week the idea of ​​the Government was to expedite the processing of the complaint so that it could vote before the recess. The government believes it has enough votes to reject it and wants to lessen the erosion of the investigation against Michel Temer in JBS’s corruption allegations.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, does not have a specific deadline to file the complaint. However, there is an expectation that this will happen next week.