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European Union threatens to impose new restrictions against Brazil


An audit of the European Union has discovered more than one hundred cases of contamination of Brazilian meat and Brussels threatens to impose new restrictions on products.

The result of the audit was presented on Monday to European agriculture ministers who at a meeting in Luxembourg made it clear that they are concerned about the health situation of Brazil’s exports.

The survey, conducted in May in Brazilian farms and slaughterhouses, concluded that control is “unsatisfactory” and that even after Operation Weak Flesh, the government did not implement what was promised.

The European Commission sent a letter to the Agriculture Minister, Blairo Maggi, on 12 June, making his concerns clear after the audit.

The mission was sent after the outbreak of Operation Weak Flesh in March, revealing corruption involving prosecutors. “As the result of the audit was not considered satisfactory, the commission indicated that new actions were necessary by the Brazilian authorities,” the EU said.

In the letter to Blairo, obtained by the state, Europeans insist that the government did not take the steps it had promised, even in March. In a direct and hard tone, Europeans warn that the “credibility” of controls in the country was questioned and that even after the scandal, the actions were not implemented.

Horse meat

Given the situation, Europe now wants Brazil to stop all exports of horse meat to the European market. Brussels also requires that no new company apply to enter the list of exporters of chicken or beef.

Of the companies that still have the right to sell, Europe will require microbial tests on 100% of exports. All containers will have to be accompanied by health certificates before leaving Brazil.

During the meeting, delegations expressed concern about fraud. Some, however, called for an even tougher attitude on the part of the European Commission in relation to the Brazilian authorities. In response, the commission indicated that it will “closely monitor the situation”.

In a report published on the meeting, Brussels also indicated that “if Brazil failed to fulfill orders from Europe, more decisive actions could be considered.” During the audit, in early May, more than 100 cases of Salmonella and E. coli were recorded in Brazilian meats.

The Ministry of Agriculture did not pronounce. Blairo was in China. The information is from the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo.