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The Federal Police reveals that the recording made secretly by Joesley Batista with Michel Temer is authentic

The revelation caused despair at the summit of the Temer Administration and one are already talking about change in the direction of the Federal Police.

Minister Torquato Jardim and President Michel Temer

The Minister of Justice, Torquato Jardim, invited the general director of the Federal Police (PF), Leandro Daiello, to a meeting at the Ministry of Justice this Saturday. The Federal Police is subordinate to the Ministry of Justice.

The meeting comes amid speculation that Daiello will be replaced by Rogério Galloro, number 2 of the Federal Police. The moment is very tense in the government, because the Federal Ploícia has concluded the expertise in the tape recorded with the President Temer talking to the businessman Joesley Batista.

The president alleged that the recording had been adulterated, but the Federal Police claimed that the tape is authentic and has not been modified. So the recording could reveal that President Temer committed several crimes.

The investigation indicated strong evidence that the President committed crime of corruption and demonstrated that the recording of Joesley Batista of conversation with the President in the Jaburu Palace did not have editions. The audio is one of the evidence presented by Joesley in his plea bargaining story.

The Ministry of Justice does not report the reason for the meeting. The meeting is not on the agenda.

The media revealed yesterday that the exchange of command in the PF is being discussed between the ministers of the GSI, Gen. Sergio Etchegoyen, and the Civil House, Eliseo Padilha.

The departure of Daiello is considered a way for the government to try to interfere with the Operation Car Wash. Leandro Daiello management has given full support to investigations into the world’s largest corruption scheme.