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Temer’s unpopularity reaches new record

Only 7 percent of the population evaluates the Temer administration as good or great, according to Datafolha. Only Jose Sarney reached the lowest number during the hyperinflation crisis


The Michel Temer administration continues to show record levels of unpopularity. A poll released by Datafolha Institute on Saturday June 24 indicates that the government is only rated as good or very good by 7 percent of the country’s population.

According to the institute, it is the worst evaluation of a government in the history of Brazil in the last 28 years. In the historical series of the Datafolha, only the government Jose Sarney was worse evaluated. In September 1989, the administration of the former president was approved by 5% of the population in the midst of a deep economic crisis caused by hyperinflation.

Still according to the Datafolha, 69% of the population evaluates the Temer government as bad or bad and 24% as regular. In the last survey conducted by the institute, released at the end of April, the Temer government was rated as good or good by 9% of the population. The same survey showed that 61% disapproved management.

Since the last poll, the Temer government was hit hard by the JBS indictment, which directly implicated the president. The episode has triggered an investigation into suspected corruption against Temer in the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and is expected to yield a criminal complaint.

The new survey heard 2771 people between 21 and 23 June.

This week, a survey conducted by the site Poder360, showed that 79% want the president’s resignation or annulment. The survey also pointed out that only 2% of respondents consider government positive – the margin of error of the survey was three percentage points more or less.

At the end of April, a survey by Ipsos, showed that 75% of respondents rated the government as bad or bad. Only 4% said the government was good or good.

In December 2016, the president even said that he viewed unpopularity as a kind of advantage. According to Temer, the numbers released his government to promote his reform package rejected by the majority of the population. “A government with extraordinary popularity could not take unpopular measures. I am taking advantage of the supposed unpopularity to take unpopular measures,” he said.